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Current note: Road to the castle will be closed for buses – detour via Gaiberg

Coaches that will in future travel from Heidelberg's Old Town up to the castle will have to take the detour via Gaiberg. The Neue Schlossstrasse will be closed to vehicles with a total weight of 3.5 tons or more until further notice. More information on the website of the city of Heidelberg.

Information on Bus Parking Areas

Neckarmünzplatz: Terminal for getting on and off buses
You and your guests may use the Neckarmünzplatz, which is an ideal starting point for a walk through the Old Town and the ride up to the Castle by funicular railway, to get on and off your bus. You will also find information there on the available parking places and the options of getting to the Castle.

Attention: The area is a strict no-parking zone, except for stopping for up to 10 minutes to let passengers get on and off. However, three bus parking places are available barely 5 minutes away from the Neckarmünzplatz.

Tourist Information at the Neckarmünzplatz:
April to October: Monday through Saturday 9 am - 6 pm
Sundays and holidays 10 am - 5 pm

November to March: Monday through Saturday 10 am - 5 pm
Sundays and holidays closed

Heidelberg Castle
Because there is only limited parking for buses especially at the Heidelberg Castle, please make sure to reserve a slot in advance.
You will find further Information about the parking lot for buses, fees, parking and reservation conditions at Reiseshop Heidelberg:
Reiseshop Heidelberg / Momentum GmbH
Fax: +49 6221 432 22 77
E-Mail: park(at)reiseshop-heidelberg.de
Online reservation at 5 days in advance www.reiseshop-heidelberg.de
You can call +49 172 6200063 the day you arrive to make a reservation.

Bus parking places

Karlstorbahnhof (location to get on and off coaches)
For walking tours of the Old Town or guided tours, we recommend using our Karlstor (Carl's Gate) / Old Town bus parking place. This parking place is located at the upper end of the Old Town, at the beginning of the famous pedestrian zone, at the rapid transit station right behind the Karlstor. If you have booked a walking tour of the Old Town, the bus will ideally stop briefly to get you get on or off at the Neckarmünzplatz, which is only 300 m away, before it continues on to its parking place.

Castle (up to 9 places)Driving up to the Castle with coaches is only possible after booking a parking place / with an exception permit, which are subject to a fee. If parking places are available, you can buy the permit at www.reiseshop-heidelberg.de or by email to park(at)reiseshop-heidelberg.de. Immediate booking is possible starting at 4 pm of the previous day or by calling +49 172-6200063 on the same day, provided that any parking places are available. The total length of buses for this drive is limited to 14,50 m. Driving up to the Castle is forbidden between 7 pm and 8 am. For an individual exception permit, contact the Amt für Verkehrsmanagement (traffic management office) on +49 6221-5830500.

Environmental zone for cars and buses

Environmental zone for cars and buses Since 2010, Heidelberg has had an environmental zone that only permits vehicles with certain exhaust standards. Vehicles that are used within the environmental zone must have stickers that mark the pollutant category. Vehicles with a green pollutant sticker may enter the environmental zone freely.

More information on the environmental zone.


All information on the bus parking places available and the drive to the Castle is available at www.reiseshop-heidelberg.de or by email to park(at)reiseshop-heidelberg.de and at the Castle bus parking place +49 172-6200063.

Coaches are no longer allowed to cross the Universitätsplatz (University Square) starting on July 1st, 2018.


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