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The "S-Printing Horse" stands in a strong contrast to the geometrical shapes of the building in the open area in front of the Print Media Academy makes a playful impression. Measuring 13 meters in height, 15 meters in length and four meters in width and weighing 90 metric tons, it is the world's largest horse sculpture.

The horse consists of stainless steel elements that represent parts of a printing press and the printing process. For example, the holes in the neck allude to the holes drilled in the side panels of a press to receive the bearings for the cylinders. The turning elements on the horse's flanks symbolize the rotation that is characteristic of the print process. The process chain is completed by the tail of the "S-Printing Horse", which consists of an abstract book that is alternately illuminated at night in the three process colors: cyan, magenta and yellow. The book is being read by a stylized face, thus fulfilling its intended purpose.

The sculpture also points to the symbiotic relationship between thinking and printing: the allusions to Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology that all poets rode, are impossible to overlook. To this day it stands for flights of poetic imagination. But inspiration alone isn't enough for poets; they also have to publicize their thoughts. The invention of letterpress printing by Gutenberg enabled this on a wide scale for the first time.

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