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Holiday apartments

Here you will find a selection of holiday apartments in Heidelberg.
For more information please click on the respective apartment.
For bookings or inquiries please contact the owner of the apartment directly.




Alte Zigarrenmanufaktur neu  2

Alte Zigarrenmanufaktur - Boutique Suites Heidelberg

Heidelberg - District Weststadt
Exclusive, spacious and luxurious apartments from 35 - 115m²
Persons: 1 - 5
Price: from € 190

Ferienwohung Rittmüller

Ferienwohnung Rittmüller

Heidelberg - District Ziegelhausen
Comfortable apartments in a quiet location with terrace and garden use
Persons: 2 - 3
Price: from...

Ferienwohnungen Schlierbach


Heidelberg - District Schlierbach
Newly renovated apartments from 40 - 55m²
Persons: 2 - 8
Price: from 60,00€

Ferienwohnung Stadler

Ferienwohnung Stadler

Heidelberg - District Ziegelhausen
Bright apartment in a quiet & sunny hillside next to the forest
Persons: 1-4
Price: from 60,00€

Zweite Heimat Heidelberg

Zweite Heimat Heidelberg

Heidelberg - District Weststadt & Neuenheim
Apartments in landmarked buildings with modern ambience
Persons: 1 - 6
Price: from 80,00€

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