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Wegen Hegel: Filmscreening mit anschließendem Gespräch mit dem Regisseur und Produzenten des Films

Because of Hegel


Short feature film

supported by production funding from MFG Baden-Württemberg

Screening and film talk with director Popo Fan and producer Daniel Tenné.

Moderation: Frederike Schneider-Vielsäcker

In cooperation with the Queer Colloquium of the University of Heidelberg.



Director: Popo Fan – © Nadja Wehling

“What is reasonable is real; and what is real is reasonable,” says the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. But when the pandemic hits Germany, everything changes. Chinese student PING has just started his philosophy degree and faces many obstacles: Hostility, loneliness, lockdown. Via a dating app, he receives hot photos from MAX, who suggests a “social distance hook-up”. Ping is thrilled and throws himself into the adventure. He is offered a mysterious drug and is about to have sex when a book suddenly catches his eye, a book by Hegel. It draws him into a drug-induced reflection on free will and reality, which destroys the mood of the moment. After an argument, he flees and loses himself in the drug trip. The next morning he makes another unexpected discovery – and it’s all because of Hegel.


Director: Popo Fan

Cinematography: Till Beckert

Editing: Sam Handel

Actors: Julian Moritz, Zenghao Yang

Production company: 70 Steps (Stuttgart)

Producers: Junus Baker & Daniel Tenné

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CATS (Centrum für Asienwissenschaften und Transkulturelle Studien)
Voßstraße 2,CATS (Seminar Building, R.010.01.05)
69115 Heidelberg


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