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Information about guided tours in Heidelberg

Group tours

Guided tours may take place in Heidelberg starting from 1st June 2021. Due to the low 7-day incidence in Heidelberg there is no need for a vaccination certificate, a proof of a positive PCR test (or other nucleic acid detection) or a negativ Covid test anymore to participate in a group tour (subject to changes). Please therefore also note the currently changed opening hours of the tourist information at Neckarmünzplatz: Monday to Sunday / public holidays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • If the 7-day incidence of 35 is exceeded, a vaccination certificate, a proof of a positive PCR test (or other nucleic acid detection) or a negative Covid test will be required.
  • Reduced group size: Guided tours with a maximum number of 19 guests per guide.
  • Observance of the minimum distance from person to person: 1.5 m - 2 m.
  • Face masks: FFP2 it is mandatory for all guests to wear masks during the entire tour. Please note that in case of booking a city tour by bus, a mask is also mandatory on the bus. It is not possible to attend a tour without wearing a medical mask.
  • A booking is only possible if contact details are registered.
  • Cashless payment is possible by paying on account for group tours.
  • Please avoid shaking hands and greetings with physical contact with the guide and observe the current hygiene measures.
  • Detailed briefing by the guides at the beginning of the guided tours.
  • Specific guidance of visitors through the expertise of the tour guides, in order to avoid crowds and to comply with the distance regulations.
  • During the tour, no objects can be handed over for illustration.
  • Unfortunately, indoor areas cannot currently be visited during the tour. You will have the opportunity to visit them on your own afterwards.
  • If you show any symptoms of illness, we kindly ask you to cancel your booking on time.

Thank you for your support to guard your own safety as well as the safety of the tour guide and your fellow men. We are looking forward to your visit.

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