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Heidelberg Marketing GmbH

Heidelberg Marketing GmbH was founded in 2007 and has taken over all measures of the city’s marketing since then. The ultimate goal is to position Heidelberg both nationally and internationally in collaboration with partners from industry and trade, culture and education, religion and society, politics and administration. The core function of Heidelberg Marketing GmbH is professional, global marketing of the city based on a holistic, integrative marketing concept. It is responsible for tourism and conventions as well as science, business, culture and retail. The company also runs the Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg and the Tourist Informations as its own business operations.

Heidelberg Marketing GmbH aims to bring together as many institutions and partners as possible from various fields and, where sensible, to adapt a common language and take joint action in Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Marketing GmbH is organized under commercial law as a private limited liability company and is a subsidiary of the city of Heidelberg. Heidelberg Marketing GmbH is a company that operates independently and autonomously like a commercial enterprise.


Die Heidelberg Marketing GmbH ist Mitglied in folgenden Verbänden oder kooperiert mit:

Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. (DZT)
Beethovenstraße 69
60325 Frankfurt / Main
Telefon +49 69 974640
Internet www.dzt.de
Tourismus-Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg (TMBW)
Esslinger Straße 8
70182 Stuttgart
Telefon +49 711 238580
Internet www.tmbw.de
European Cities Marketing (ECM)
Service Centre
29D, rue de Talant
F-21000 Dijon (France)
Telefon +33 380 560204
Internet www.europeancitiesmarketing.com
Historic Highlights of Germany e.V.
Ernst-Ludwig-Ring 2
61231 Bad Nauheim
Telefon +49 6032 9374393
Internet www.historicgermany.com
Die Burgenstraße e.V.
Allee 28
74072 Heilbronn
Telefon +49 7131 564028
Internet www.burgenstrasse.de
Tourismus Service Bergstrasse e.V.
Großer Markt 9
64646 Heppenheim (Bergstraße)
Telefon +49 6252 131170
Internet www.diebergstrasse.de

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