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Discounts with the HeidelbergCARD

Museums & Exhibitions

German Packaging Museum
(Deutsches Verpackungsmuseum)
Hauptstraße 22
HeidelbergCARD: discount €0.50 

Interactive, scientific exhibition
Tiergartenstraße 3 (in the zoo)
HeidelbergCARD: discount 10% on entrance fee to the zoo

Palatinate Museum
(Kurpfälzisches Museum)
Hauptstraße 97
reduced €1.80 instead of €3.00 (Tuesday – Saturday),
€1.20 instead of €1.80 (Sunday and public holiday) 

Museum House Cajeth
Haspelgasse 12
discount €1

Museum of Church art and Lithurgy
(Museum für Sakrale Kunst und Liturgie)
HeidelbergCARD: discount €1

Collection Prinzhorn
(Sammlung Prinzhorn)
Voßstraße 2 (Bergheim)
HeidelbergCARD: discount €2

University museum with student’s prison (Studentenkarzer)
and Old Assembly Hall (Alte Aula)
HeidelbergCARD: discount €0.50

Ethnographical museum
Hauptstraße 235 (Palais Weimar)
HeidelbergCARD: discount € 1

Body Worlds (Körperwelten)
Altes Hallenbad, Poststraße 36/5
HeidelbergCARD: discount € 3 (only for tickets for adults)



Enjoy Jazz – Internationale Festival for Jazz and more
Advanced concert ticket sale price at the box office (only for concerts at Karlstorbahnhof)

Zollhofgarten 2
Free admission to all in-house events

Church of the Holy Spirit (Heiliggeistkirche) at the market square
25% discount for organ concerts and church music hours

Internationale Music Festival Heidelberger Frühling
Discount on tickets 10%

Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof
Karlstor 1
Concerts, clubbing, readings and cabaret
Tickets at advance booking price at the box office

Theater and Orchestra of the City of Heidelberg
20% discount for all performances including the Castle Festival (not available for special events/performances)

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