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Kornmarkt (Corn market)

This market square, as its name implies, was once used for the collection and trade of agricultural goods. It is home to the Madonna statue, and delivers a wonderful view of the castle. This statue was erected in 1718 by the Jesuits, to try to motivate the people of Heidelberg to switch to Catholicism. The Count Elector had been, since 1685, trying to get his subjects to come back to the Catholic faith, and the Jesuits were very supportive; they published leaflets, organized pilgrimages, and put up other statues of the Virgin Mary as well. The Count, try as he may, was unable to persuade many of the Protestants, who chose instead to emigrate to other areas of the country rather than changing their beliefs.

Today, the Madonna still stands in the Kornmarkt, where she is appreciated not only for her religious meaning, but her artistic as well.

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