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Philosophenweg (Philosophers' Walk)

The name "Philosophers' Walk" can be traced to the fact that Heidelberg's university professors and philosophers found this path a congenial place where they could talk seriously and contemplate while enjoying the charming view of the Neckar.

This view of the town inspired also the poets Eichendorff and Hoelderlin on their walks to write their poems. Among the attractions of this now world-famous walk are the Eichendorff Stone, a sandstone stele with a bronze relief of the poet, and the Merian-Kanzel, a sandstone platform from where in 1620 Matthaeus Merian immortalized Heidelberg in an engraving. The Hoelderlin-Anlage, an area at the eastern end of the Philosophers' Way dedicated to the poet Hoelderlin, pays tribute to his ode to Heidelberg "Lang lieb ich dich schon..." ("Long have I loved you...")

Even today, this world-famous path offers new sights and insights. Enjoy a beautiful view of Heidelberg and a climate that reminds you of the Italian Tuscany. Many sub-tropical plants flourish in the "Philosophengaertchen". The temperate climate is perfect for Japanese cherries, cypresses, lemons, bamboos, rhododendrons, gingko and yucca trees, and several other plants from the Mediterranean, North Africa and Asia.

"Schlangenweg" (Winding Path)
This walkway starts just above the Old Bridge opposite the Old Town and cuts steeply through terraced vineyards until it reaches the woods, where it crosses the Philosophenweg. It is partly enclosed by bushes and trees, as well as some lovely vineyards, but there are several viewing platforms for terrific views of the city.


Philosophenweg, Foto: Philipp Rothe ©Philipp Rothe
Schlangenweg zum Philosophenweg, Foto: Tony Buchwald ©Tony Buchwald

Schlangenweg (Winding Path)

Blick vom Philosophenweg auf Heidelberg, Foto: Tobias Schwerdt ©Tobias Schwerdt

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