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Heidelberger Liebesstein

The "Heidelberger Liebesstein" is an Odenwald sandstone which stands on the north side of the Old Bridge. Couples in love can fix an engraved love lock there to seal their eternal love.

The engraved love locks seal the eternal love of couples. According to an old tradition, couples close the lock together and throw the key into the river.

The "Heidelberger Liebesstein" is an Odenwald sandstone, often to be found in the "Kühler Grund" in Heidelberg-Rohrbach - in the year 1808, the lyricist Joseph von Eichendorff and his beloved Katharina Foerster, nicknamed "Kaethchen", often met here. Joseph and Kaethchen probably demonstrated their deep affection on this very stone.

The view through the love stone opens up a unique photographic perspective of the romantic landmark of the city - Heidelberg Castle. "The view" is also the title of the famous Eichendorff poem, in which he describes his great love for "Kaethchen".

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