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Jesuitenkirche (Jesuit Church)

The Jesuit Church was constructed during two different periods. The first started in April 1712 and ended in 1723. During these years, the chancel as well as the first adjacent cross-beam of the nave were built. The exterior and the facades were completed during the second construction period which began in 1749. The church tower, which was constructed by the archbishop's master-builder Friedrich Federle, was added much later (1866 - 1872).

The original Baroque interior is not preserved. The only remain is the central altar painting, created by Andreas Müller, a student of Kaulbach. The tomb of Prince Elector Friedrich the Victorious is located in the north-east corner of the church. East of the church portals visitors will find the entrance to the former Jesuits' College. Originally, the complex also included the Jesuits' School and the "Seminarum Carolinum".

Today, these buildings are used by the university's philosophical seminary and the university's administration.

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