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Heidelberg autumn has been canceled

With the exception of the Christmas market, the city of Heidelberg cancels all major events with several thousand visitors by the end of the year. The Heidelberg Autumn on September 26/27, 2020 has been canceled among other events.

Heidelberger Herbst 2021 (Heidelberg Autumn 2021)

September 25 (11 am - 11 pm) - September 26, 2021 (11 am - 7 pm)

The Craft Market, Flea Market, culture and stalls with regional specialties - Heidelberg's greatest city festival "Heidelberger Herbst" on the last Saturday in September always sets great store on the cooperation of many associations, gastronomes, citizens and cultural organizers. The winding alleyways along the Neckar with their flea market stands and the varied music program from lunchtime to evening are particularly popular.

The ceremonial opening takes place in the Market Square, with invited prominent local guests and traditional characters such as the dwarf Perkeo and the Wine Queen. This is also the location of "the" central music stage. Musical entertainment of every possible sort can be found in almost all public areas.

The large stages begin as early as 11 am with live music. By the evening at the latest, the Old Town has then been transformed into a unique, huge open-air concert, offering something to suit every possible taste. And that for over 50 years now!

Current announcements about the "Heidelberger Herbst" can be found on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/heidelbergerherbst.

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