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Please note the changed opening times:
Tuesday - Saturday: 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Please reserve a time slot by phone at 06221 5412815 or on site.
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Studentenkarzer (Students' Prison)

The Studentenkarzer (students' prison) is located at the back of the Old University in Augustinergasse. From 1778 until 1914, students were imprisoned here for so called "Kavaliersdelikte" (meaning minor transgressions which were kind of fashionable among otherwise honorable gentlemen inscribed at the Heidelberg University, most of them being members of student fraternities).

Common offenses were disturbances of peace, especially after excessive drinking at night, insulting official authorities or playing jokes at them as well as participating in duels. During these years, the university administration was embodied with an autonomous jurisdiction and had the legal right to detain students. Depending on the seriousness of the offense, imprisonment would last from three days to four weeks. One was allowed, however, to attend lectures. After classes, the juvenile delinquents had to return to jail. Biding their time, many of the young prisoners "decorated" the walls with graffitis and paintings. Their "artwork" is still preserved and to be seen at the Studentenkarzer.

Opening Hours & Price

April to August
daily 10 am − 6 pm

September and October
Monday − Friday10 am − 4 pm
Saturday10 am − 6 pm
Sunday and Holiday10 am − 4 pm

November to March
Monday − Saturday: 10 am − 4 pm
Sunday closed

Special opening hours:
May 5, 2019: closed from 12 pm
May 20, 2019: opens from 12 pm
April 22, 2019: closed
December 23 – January 7, 2020: closed

Combined ticket for University museum, Old Assembly Hall und Student's Prison: Adults € 3.00 and reduced € 2.50
Reduced entrance with HeidelbergCARD

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