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Museum Haus Cajeth

Haus Cajeth, built in 1735 for Anton Cajeth, coin keeper of the Palatinate, is situated in the heart of Heidelberg's old town. Here, Egon Hassbecker established a gallery and bookshop, together with a museum for primitive paintings - outsider art.

It houses paintings by people who never claimed to be artists, but who were driven by a strong urge to express themselves by painting. They grew up in agrarian societies full of craftsmanship and lived a hard working life. In old age they took to painting using their own, self-taught methods and created entirely by their own efforts unique images that are distinctively theirs and that exhibit accomplished, significant designs.

The collection contains numerous works by comparatively few artists. This focus underlines the importance of the biographical, an aspect that Egon Hassbecker considers important in his dealings with art and artists. All the works bear witness to the destinies of individuals.

Opening Hours & Price

Monday - Saturday: 11 am - 5 pm
(for guided tours please make a reservation)

Entrance: €4
with the HeidelbergCARD €1 discount.


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