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Heidelberg, Luther and the Reformation

  • Martin Luther  ©Lucas Cranach
  • Luthertafel auf dem Uniplatz ©Heidelberg Marketing GmbH
  • Alte Universität ©Heidelberg Marketing GmbH

Heidelberg was a milestone leading up to the Reformation. Luther‘s journey to Heidelberg in 1518 – his first theological public appearance outside Wittenberg after nailing his 95 theses to the door in October 1517 – was not without its dangers. At the invitation of the monks of the Augustine order, he led the thesis defense in Heidelberg in April 1518 in the local Augustine cloister. It was here that he defended the basic ideas of his new theology whereby man is justified through faith in the divine grace of the Lord – not just through good deeds. The walk through the Old Town follows Luther’s footsteps and uncovers the evidence of the Reformation in the city.

Price, Dates & Meeting Point

Price € 8, € 6 discount price*

Duration 1.5 hours

Times April – October
German: every 2nd and 4th Saturday in the month, at 5 pm

Meeting Point
Universitätsplatz (University Square), Löwenbrunnen (Lion Fountain)

*Pupils, students (up to 28 years old), persons with a Disability pass and HeidelbergCARD-holders receive a discount. Tickets are available from our Tourist Information offices and directly from the tour guides outside opening hours. Minimum number of participants: 5

Tickets & Reservation

You can get tickets from our Tourist Information offices or directly from the tour guides outside of opening hours. Because of the limited number of participants we recommend a non-binding ticket reservation:

If you like to do a reservation out of our opening times, then please contact our Tourist Information +49 6221 58 44 444

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